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The second generation bio fireplace without a chimney BOHEMA AF-21

January 31, 2014 The second generation bio fireplaces without chimneys BOHEMA AF-21

Fireplaces without chimney BOHEMA AF-21 has undergone a number of design changes and got to tz. second generation bio fireplace (II gen.). The main purpose of a whole range of improvements has been improved precision production and especially delay product life, maintaining a perfect appearance even after prolonged use fireplaces.

Major changes: a structure fire is now made ​​from a stronger material that largely increased the durability of the fireplace and colors to deformation, mechanical damage and high temperatures. Changed and depth of the back of the fireplace from 140 mm to 160 mm. This allowed, on the one hand, to make more space for placing decorative decoration and on the other hand, delaying the focal point of the design elements of fire, the temperature dramatically reduce heating up around the fire. It changed the overall conduct of the fire, from now on, not nepohledové party. The fireplace is a new burner with built-regulation of the flame. Horak also has a double coat, which allowed for ceramic decoration to the "second floor". Now you can easily manipulate the flame control, even when you are lying on it such as ceramic logs. In addition, parts stashed stainless steel burner that after prolonged use of the burner changes color. I changed the method of attachment of the safety glass is stronger now and save more glass.

We believe that it pays to bet on quality. Therefore, new fireplace were included all the comments and requests of our clients. Furthermore, we have maintained the same price.

Fireplaces without chimney BOHEMA AF-21