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BIO FIREPLACES REVIEWSbio-fireplaces: romance without limitation

If we do not take account of interior architectural design are key parameters in particular the existence and condition of the chimney and the load floor. The height and diameter of the chimney draft conditions determine. Another parameter when considering the purchase of a fireplace is floor loading. The average weight of the fireplace insert is between 140-240 kg, a significant item in the final, but it forms the floor pads, which when using natural stone, can weigh as much as 700 kg. Even with building supplements can be a burden in the room up to 1000 kg. And that is the value that should, according to the state of the building and the room to assess structural engineer.

Another problem is the actual operation of the fireplace. Combustion is a process that burns oxygen. They must therefore have a fireplace provided a constant supply of air. Optimal (but not always necessary) solution is to supply outside. Although it can be used in fireplaces, several heating media, almost everyone connected with introducing a crackling fireplace logs and blazing flames. Indeed, the vast majority of fireplaces also used as fuel wood or wood briquettes. The fourth aspect is the provision of fuel. Is used for burning wood as hard, dried for at least two years. This requirement is less feasible, less hard and less dry fuel can of course also be used, but at the expense of perfection and combustion efficiency. Let's leave aside frequent cleaning after application and ashes.

It would seem that the romantics in residential buildings are gone, that the peace in flames, with a glass of wine and good friends can not. Where they also took in the apartment classic chimney? And where to look for firewood? The solution does exist, but in another design fireplace. Electric fireplace saves its owner worries with finding fuel and increased attention during the operation, but not well imitate flames and heat up the right way.

CHIMNEY IS futilityNon-traditional and modern solution offers our company, on the Czech market successfully introduced tzb sale. bio-fireplaces. Indeed, it is an excellent compromise in the construction of fireplaces and stoves, which solves the problems with traditional fireplaces and stoves. The so-called. bio-fireplace is actually a fireplace, which is used as a combustion fuel special bio alcohol or ethanol, a 96% denatured alcohol. The result of combustion is carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O), so there is no need for flues - chimneys and exhausts.
This fireplace design is therefore a completely new generation of heaters that do not need to use wood, electricity, gas or chimney, its operation is completely smooth. Visually must satisfy each of romance - the real blazing fire in a real fireplace! Fireplaces can be mounted either on the wall like an LCD or plasma TV or fireplace can stand on the ground. The operation of the fireplace is not no need for any structural modifications. Fireplace takes up relatively little space, thus finds application in small flats in conservatories, but also in offices, wine bars, restaurants and hotels.

ALREADY NO SMOKE, I prefer the smell
Fuel is biofuel or ethanol, a natural product made from plants. Bio burns beautiful tranquil natural yellow flame without smoke, soot or popping sparks, so there is no smoky interior after prolonged use. One liter of fuel burn lasts 3-5 hours, depending on the mode of combustion and the desired power output.
We also offer fireplaces output of up to 4 kW, so that a fireplace can heat the interior of a small apartment just like a heat source. Performance bio-fireplace respond to the operational requirements of low-energy and passive houses, which do not operate conventional classical fireplaces just perfect, sometimes it is not conceivable at all. At a price of around 80 CZK per liter of fuel fireplace can be operated with hourly costs around 16 crowns. There are even scented fuel blended with natural essential oils, so the operator can actually induce an irresistible romantic atmosphere.
Used fuel is highly flammable, so it is absolutely necessary in the performance of careful handling and safe storage of fuel at a distance and in a safe hiding place. It must comply with all fire, what we know for example when working with gasoline - no smoking, works with naked flame.
Filling the Tank is always and fundamentally when the heater out of service and enough cold, never filling must be carried out under traffic! Fuel stained objects should be removed away from possible sources of ignition, and soon to be thoroughly cleaned. After contact with skin or clothing should be immediately discontinued and the work of the body and get rid of clothes stained.
When handling and storage must be static electricity. Fuel should be stored in a well ventilated space and away from heat sources. Before lighting is necessary to check that no leakage of fuel. During operation it is also necessary to remove them from the reach of the fireplace or stove all easily flammable objects. Free-flowing curtains, deferred newspapers, paper handkerchiefs or other hazardous components inside could easily cause fire. In compliance with current safety rules, however, no danger.
Choose any ...
Bio-fireplaces come in numerous styles, mostly as stainless steel, or in a combination of stainless steel, ceramic or stone surrounds. Fireplace can be equipped with imitation wood logs or lava rocks. Appearance accessories are very varied - for example, offers imitation birch, maple and spruce wood, lava stones in the form of boulders are in white, gray or black. Bio-fireplaces are therefore interesting and elegant solution to enrich and enhance any interior.

ROMANCE in your home

Each of us is more or less an atheist, whether we attribute certain behavior inherited genes or not. Fascinated by the endless changes as we view the dancing flames of fire and embers that soothe and inspire us to dreamy feelings, just as it was for our forefathers and mothers. And just like them, we feel both respect and fear, because as an untamed element has an immense fire damage - and so it has always strive to dominate. Lively, warm, friendly and "tamed" now penetrates into our homes in the form of bio fireplaces.

Organic food, bio fuel, bio burning ..., bio all around us. Although measures to protect the country approve, the term "organic" triggers an association of many "expensive variant" (mainly because Biu food, many bio contrary, our pocket saves). Now, bio fireplaces! However, bio fireplaces are the easiest way to make your home and create a pleasant and romantic atmosphere that offers magical and unmistakable charm glowing flames of fire.
These are inexpensive technological novelty, the type of fireplace, which allows direct contact with live fire virtually anywhere, which he attributes to one of the many other advantages. Unlike a traditional fireplace, stoves or fireplaces, the chimney does not need venting. For burning wood is not necessary. Ignite special organic product - hydrocarbon that is manufactured on the plant-based, such as bio alcohol, bio gel, bio 96procentní alcohol or denatured alcohol, ethanol. Its combustion is clean. Does not release any harmful exhaust gases, the burning is completely free of odor and smoke only is carbon dioxide, a gas, which a person exhales, and water, respectively. water vapor. For this reason, it is therefore recommended room with bio fireplace in service ventilate to avoid a significant increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the room.
Bio fireplace has been designed primarily as a heat source, although naturally burning the heat release occurs. Manufacturers typically indicate output 3-4 kW. Alternatively, it is usable as a cheap heaters to be in a block or apartment building in the cool summer or spring or in the fall after or before the full onset of the heating season, or even as a supplement heating in houses. It can also replace pleasant with family or friends at the hot fireplace, or outside the "Finger", even though the sausages to roast it probably will not. Bio alcohols pleasant natural flame burns and provide primarily aesthetic comfort that highlights the great visual design bio fireplace.
From the producers can choose according to the needs and tastes of bio corner fireplaces, free-standing, hanging or embeddable. For corner fireplace bio choose a location or hanging in a corner, free standing types can freely move. Shapes are designed either as panels of various sizes, or, say, a decorative container that can stand on a table, storage area on the ground. Hanging on the wall fireplaces are vivid picture, thanks to the magic of variability dovádivých flames rivals magic paintings of famous masters. If you want a true fireplace (where it can not afford it), choose a built-in type, that is, fireplace insert, and the effect is perfect.
Bio fireplaces are manufactured exclusively from high quality materials, different kinds of stone, especially marble, stainless steel, glass, in classical or modern. Do not need a connection to the gas or electricity, and so their use are in bytes from the living room through the kitchen and bathroom to the winter garden, offices, sales areas (highly effective as in galleries and at art exhibitions), in public places, such as restaurants, hotels, etc. Its advantages will be appreciated on the terrace, in the garden, with outdoor seating, simply everywhere where we need to evoke a specific atmosphere. Effect of natural fires can then augment the use of ceramic logs or lava stones used for such purposes. The cost of this luxury is not high, a liter bioethanol enough for three to five hours, which in translation means that we will come out to about CZK 15.
Note conclusion is that although it is a "harmless" ohýnek, yet when his burning need to observe basic safety rules and fire burns, and regulations given by the manufacturer of fireplaces and bio combustion products and follow its instructions.

New: A technology that allows you to indulge in a fireplace, even where it was not possible before. BIO FIREPLACES - no chimney, odor, smoke, noxious gas and maintenance-free. This type of fireplace burns bio special denatured alcohol or 96% alcohol (ethanol). The result of the burning is only CO2 and H2O, namely carbon dioxide and water. Output 3-4 kW - this is not a mere decoration.
We arrange a bio fireplaces according to your wishes and requirements. Bio fireplaces do not require extensive maintenance. For example, a freestanding bio fireplaces do not need any installation, after purchase bio fireplace just unpack it, and when you light your cigarette, you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere of an open fire, odorless and soot. Freestanding fireplaces bio can stand anywhere in the room of your house or apartment, they are also suitable for any interior design as a supplement. Freestanding bio fireplaces can be moved without a problem from one place to other places.
Even at your request, we will produce bio fireplaces peace. We offer several color options for custom manufacturing. If you already have a design bio fireplace or need us to propose a special bio fireplaces, do not hesitate to contact us. Custom manufacturing is the ideal solution for the demanding customer.

Welcome to our online store, featuring high-quality bio fireplaces enabling you economical heating at minimum cost and place the fireplace, where its classic design would not be possible.Bio fireplaces, located in our offer, do not need a chimney for heating households, does not smell, smoke or harmful exhaust gases and compared to traditional fireplaces do not require any maintenance.All offered Bio fireplaces are available with us in top quality, modern designs and a wide range of designs, such as bio corner fireplaces, freestanding fireplaces bio, bio fireplaces embeddable suspension or even very popular bio fireplaces in marble at great prices.WHAT IS BIO FIREPLACES?
Bio fireplaces with live fire fireplaces are among the technological innovation that does not need to burn wood, electricity, gas or chimney. Bio fireplaces can thus be easily installed into a block of flats in the building, new buildings, offices, houses, the outdoor gardens etc.It is 100% functional and quality fireplaces with live fire exercise on 3-4kW, which is used for burning special Bio, which burns a beautiful and natural flame neprodukujícím no odors, smoke and other harmful substances and is much cheaper than other types of fuel. Bio fireplaces allow you to completely smooth, healthy and above all low cost heating to any room.LOW COST HEATING WITH BIO FIREPLACES
Bio fireplaces, in which only light the Bio with which to create a real fire allowing to heat the room without any chimney required compared with any other type of fireplace very minimal cost.Bio fireplaces to burn using gel / bio alcohol, which is against the use of wood, briquettes or other type of fuel is much cheaper, you will save a lot of money due to their low consumption of this type of fuel.1 liter bioethanol you had enough for 2-5 hours burning that gives you low cost heating with bio fireplaces, whose operation so you are only 15, - CZK / hour.CATEGORY: bio fireplaces without chimneys with live fire, bezkomínové fireplaces, biofuel fireplaces, Bio ethanol fireplace, fireplaces prague, praha bio fireplaces, fireplaces and stoves, bio alcohol, bioethanol, bio gel, Biogel, Bio ethanol, bioethanol, bio alcohol on fireplaces, fireplace inserts, fireplace stove for bio-ethanol, denatured alcohol, biofuel for fireplace
In addition, we offer an embeddable bio fireplaces. These fireplaces can be built into the hole as in furniture, in both stone tiles, and plasterboard. Built bio fireplaces are more difficult to mount. Built bio fireplaces are very suitable option for hotels, restaurants, etc. In contrast, freestanding bio fireplaces do not need installation. After purchase bio fireplace like that it only unpack and ignite. Then you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere of an open fire, odorless and soot. Freestanding fireplaces can be built anywhere in the room of your house or apartment, they are also suitable for any interior design as a supplement. These fireplaces can easily move from one place to other places.
For more demanding customers we offer fireplaces bio of marbles. Bio KBY of marble are for those who own a larger apartment or house and want to make it interesting. Our bio fireplaces in marble are unique, as well as luxury desing výbormými properties. Marble bio fireplaces are considered very luxurious heaters, which is in the first place and look at the other, then their ability to heat the room of your apartment or house.
If you have your own idea of ​​how it should look like bio fireplace, we can produce it for you to order. l to your request, we will produce bio fireplace peace. We offer several color options for custom manufacturing. If you already have a design bio fireplace or need us to propose a special type of bio fireplace, do not hesitate to contact us. Custom manufacturing is the ideal solution for the case when you want to adapt to their own bio fireplace design.
In the accessory section you will find a large range of ceramic wood and other bio decoration for your fireplace. In our accessories also include a variety of bio fireplaces spare parts, such as torch, safety glass, of different sizes, etc. Ceramic decorations has an unlimited life. It is an imitation of wood and stones polínek. Tetnto second product is produced in a special way and can withstand temperatures up to 1,000 degrees. It may be that over time decoration only začoudí. Ceramic logs then can be cleaned with a soft brush. Stones have a glossy finish, so it can be cleaned with ordinary cloth. While laying ceramic polínek the burner, make sure that the flames were not directed to the rear of the bio-fireplaces, causing its destruction. Therefore, when burning recommend placing decorations outside the burner holes.